Body Sculpting MAX Sheffield

Combining 2 non surgical solutions for faster, longer lasting natural body sculpting results.

What Is Body sculpting MAX Sheffield?

We combine 2 of our most effective non surgical treatments for a dual approach to toning and sculpting the body.

Body sculpting LA-EMS Body Sculpting, to muscle building and burn fat – 30,000 stomach contractions in just 30 minutes combined with LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment treatment for pelvic floor strengthening to build a stronger, leaner core in less time – for longer lasting results. 

Non surgical FDA approved solutions for a more confident you in just 10 short treatment sessions. 

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Why Combine these 2 treatments?

Body Sculpting Max prices

LA-EMS Body Sculpting is highly effective in achieving incredible body sculpting results on its own.

However, for individuals considering body sculpting, combining treatments not only delivers faster and longer-lasting outcomes but also presents a huge cost-saving advantage.

Moreover, for those seeking accelerated and enduring results, incorporating LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment along with LA-EMS Body Sculpting enhances both internal and external strengthening through two simple treatments that focus on the pelvic floor.

1st Treatment Body Sculpting

Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Tone & Sculpt Your Body

In Just 30 Minutes

2nd Treatment LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment

Stronger, Healthier pelvic floor

Non Invasive Inner Core Treatment


Combined Treatments Save You Over 55%

Why Choose Body Sculpting MAX?

body sculpting max

The combination of LA-EMS Body Sculpting and LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment is a powerful way to sculpt the body because it offers both muscle building and fat burning in 2 seperate areas of the body to sculpt and create the new you in less time and NO downtime at all.

With LA-EMS Body Sculpting, you can build strong, lean muscles while also burning fat, while LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment can help create a stronger pelvic floor alongside many other benefits.

The combination of these two treatments can help achieve an overall leaner and firmer physique.

Additionally, they both provide long-term results with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

You will also save 55% as well! 

Customer Reviews

I recently tried LA-EMS Body Sculpting and LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment for body sculpting, and I'm amazed with the results! Both technologies effectively shape my body, targeting hard-to-reach areas. I see improvements in my abs and increased muscle tone overall. Highly recommend for hassle-free and effective body shaping!
I recently had body sculpting with LA Lipo and I'm thrilled with the results! The process was professional, efficient, and the staff made me feel comfortable. They offered treatment options, explained each step, and let me customize my experience. Afterwards, my body felt toned, tighter, and slimmer.
I had diastasis recti for years. It was uncomfortable, particularly during exercise and running. After unsuccessful treatments, I tried LA-EMS Body Sculpting and LA-EMS Incontinence Treatment. The results were amazing! Within weeks, the discomfort significantly reduced and after 12 weeks, my diastasis recti vanished completely.